Adoption Questions Answered!

red iwnlyaoWe are so thankful for you! We’re thankful for our family and friends, and for our community that has stood up and taken an active interest in our adoption. From our hearts to yours—THANK YOU!!!!

You all have had so many questions and I hope to answer a few of them here.

So let’s start out with the basics:

“Why are you adopting?” I love to start this one off with the answer, “Why not?” I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way. But why not? What if we all adopted one child and brought him or her into a loving home? We could make a radical difference! Can you imagine a world like that?

But let me take you way back– When John and I were in our early 20’s we talked about adoption and we were instantly drawn to adopting from China. At that time families in China were only allowed to have one child and girls were often given up because a boy was wanted. After looking into adoption we soon found out that we weren’t old enough and that the minimum age was 30. We were 22 and 24 so we had a while to wait. We put it in the back of our minds and moved along with life.

When John was in law school he brought it up again (27 and 29). I was terrified that I wouldn’t or couldn’t love an adopted child the way that I loved Ethan and Daniel (yep, we only had two kiddos at that time), plus John was in school, so we pushed it to the side at that point in time.

We had two more kids and the adoption conversation has come up through the years but it was never the right time. Plus fear has always been a big factor for me— What if I didn’t love them the same as my biological kids?!!? Plus, it just costs too much! Right?!?

This January I believe that God laid adoption on my heart again in a fresh way. We started to talk about it a little but then soon after I had a day where I felt this unexplainable love for a child that I didn’t even know. It was overwhelming. And at that moment I knew that I could… I COULD love an adopted child just as much as I love my bio kids. God made it so clear to me. Thinking back, when I just had Ethan I wondered if I could ever love another child as much as I loved Ethan, and yep, I love Daniel just as much as I love Ethan! Your heart has room!

Another reason that we are choosing to adopt is that we have a love and respect for life. One of the ways that we can choose to take an active role in supporting life is to adopt–to bring a child into our family whose birth mother said “yes” to life. Enough said!

God loves adoption!  James 1:27—“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” Ephesians 1:5– “He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will…” And if you look at the verse before that, we were CHOSEN!!! On to the next question!

“Why China and why a girl?”— Why not? Ha! You had to know that I was going there! The easiest answer for both of these is that this is where our adoption dream started and we have had a picture in our minds ever since then of what our adoption will look like. To add to that though, we love the idea of Abby having a little sister and she LOVES the idea too!!!

“China adoptions are now only special needs adoptions. Does that scare you?”—   Yep! Remember I told you that I have some fear issues!!! But is it worth it? Yep!!! Let’s be honest, we live a pretty comfy life with healthy kiddos. All of our kids play sports and can go play outside and wrestle and jump and act crazy. We visit the doctor about once a year for well child check-ups and that’s about it. I am so thankful that my kids are “healthy”. What about our “Little Pearl” though? Did she ask for this medical hurdle? No. Did she do anything to deserve it? No. Is she worthy of love and a family? Yes! Yes, she is! And that is what we are going to do! We are going to run recklessly to her and we are going to love her deeply. We are going to grab ahold of her and never let go. She is going to be a part of our family FOREVER and we are going to fight for her. She will be chosen! We are going to support her and love her fiercely. We will cherish her and watch her be exactly who God has called her to be. She has been wonderfully, perfectly, and beautifully made for a powerful purpose! And we are lucky to be able to be a part of her story!!!

“Doesn’t it cost a lot?”—  Yes it does! I’ve heard so many people say to not let the financial part stop you though, and we haven’t. We are actively fundraising and we will apply for some grants later on as soon as our home study is completed. So far everything is going very well and I’m reminded often that “where God guides He provides”… so we will keep moving forward and watch God do amazing things!

Thanks for supporting us on our adoption adventure! You mean so much to us! Please take a minute to listen to the song below… it has become my adoption anthem!






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