Chloe Pearl FuYuan Cary, God Crafted Your Name

puzzle-bottom-reveal-copyIn our family, we are ALL about the meaning of names. Each child’s name was carefully crafted, full of intent. Ethan Christian Cary = Strong and Wise Christian Fortress/River. Daniel Joshua Cary = God is my Judge, God Saves, Fortress/River. Andrew Michael Cary = Brave/Manly, Who is like the Lord?, Fortress/ River. Abigail Candice Cary = Father’s Joy, Sparkling/Queen, Fortress/River.

When we decided to adopt we knew that her name would have to be rich with meaning too. For months we considered names. We love Biblical names! We love the idea of our kids reading their Bibles and seeing their names in there. Our children’s names represent strong Godly people. Their names are steeped in meaning.

Chloe’s name was picked out far before we knew who she was. “Chloe” means green sprout/ fresh blossom. It represents new growth, life, and new beginnings. “Pearl” was taken from the parable of the pearl of great value/price/ worth (we will run recklessly toward her, she is worth it, she is great in value).We love what her name represents!

The discussion of name meanings doesn’t come up often in our family but we were having dinner last night and somehow the topic came up. We talked about everyone’s name in our family and what they mean. We ended with talking about Chloe’s name and telling the kids what it means.

Two days ago I had sent an email to two of my Chinese friends asking if they could translate her name for us so that we could know the meaning. They both replied that they needed the Chinese Characters in order to tell us the meaning. I requested them from our adoption agency and sent them on.

About 1 hour after the name discussion over dinner last night, the name meanings for Fu Yuan rolled in. One person replied and then the next, both said the same thing. Fu Yuan means “Blessed Garden”. I just about flipped. My heart was overwhelmed with joy. Confirmation! Fu Yuan is our daughter, no question! It isn’t just chance! God was crafting her name far before I ever started. He named her Blessed Garden and she began to grow. As the idea of our daughter grew in our hearts we named her Chloe (green sprout/ fresh blossom). We knew that she would be a new beginning for our family and that we would be a new beginning for her. God will continue to grow her as he continues to grow us. She will blossom and fruit as we will also blossom and fruit in new ways. This whole process will be a beautiful thing.

I love when God gives confirmation! Something in me happened. God knew that this was exactly what would speak to me. Fu Yuan is our daughter! We are her forever family. God crafted this.

Adoption always begins with a story of brokenness… Brokenness isn’t God’s first plan. But when brokenness happens He is in the business of healing the broken hearted. He is in the business of restoring and making new. He turns ashes into beauty. He’s in the business of growing us and making us blossom. And from that blossom comes fruit. He is the gardener. He takes us full circle. He knows us so well. He has a plan for us. He has a purpose for us.

Chloe Pearl FuYuan Cary, we are crazy about you. We love you and we will love you forever. We have the privilege to grow together! We are coming to get you and we can’t wait to meet you face to face. We can’t wait to hug you and kiss you. God does great things! God knows your name and he created you fearfully and wonderfully.

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