A Day Known as Victory

I’m staring down a certain day with a gulp of hesitation. It’s an anniversary… a memory marker of days gone by. Without a doubt, this day has been duly titled the “Worst Day Ever” for me.  We all have a day or two like that on our personal calendar of life. A day that is burned in time. A day that stands out from the others and insists that you remember it. The day itself almost demands respect. It is still and never moves from its place. You can’t help but look at it and acknowledge it… to remember it…to revisit it. Sometimes, I’d love to never meet up with that day ever again. But I will. I can’t avoid it, and oddly enough there is a blessing that. Why? Because that day has a knowingness about it. So I might as well embrace it, instead of trying to run from it, and remember the power of that day. I’ll face it head on and see it for all that it is– a day of redemption, a fresh start, the presence of the lavish love of God.

On that day, The Holy and the unholy took up the same space. They both fought for the air in the room. Something Sacred happened that day even though it looked unholy and it felt unholy.

“Death… brokenness… betrayal… finality…,” the unholy’s words slithered into all of the ears in the room, “ruined… hopeless…unworthy… ,” he continued. But THE HOLY rose up strong and sure, as He always does. He commanded the unholy to take a seat and be quiet. And then THE HOLY bypassed the ears and went straight for the heart and mind with His words–  “Confession. Forgiveness. Redemption. Conversion. Power. Strength. Newness of life. Faith. Hope. Love. Testimony. Commission.” He firmly asserted these things as He wrapped the room in indescribable Peace and Hope that was nearly tangible.  On that day, Darkness and Light collided and in that great collision Light overpoweringly invaded and declared Victory. Victory was knowingly established right in that very moment… way before I believed it myself.

This day could have taken you down. In fact, it could have taken many who you love down had you not decided to be the gatekeeper. You could have crumpled and never gotten up. You could have run away with reckless abandonment… but you didn’t do that. Instead, you stood and you looked the Foul, the Ugly, the Pain straight in the face and said, “Freaking. Game. On — I will hurt, but you will not destroy me. I will fall, but I will not stay down. I will carry the heavy burden so that the others will never have to. I will willingly take this on because THE HOLY is way bigger than all that the unholy is, or can ever be. THE HOLY is mine and I am His. I will constantly get up. I will constantly look at Him. I will constantly walk forward.”

Time has passed. Many lessons have been learned. Beauty has come from Ashes. Purity has emerged from Bleakness. Love has lifted from Loss. Hope has reigned as A Knowing deep within. Redemption has trumped Justification. Strength has risen from Weakness. Holiness has brightly shined Supreme.

In my weakness God has shown Himself unwaveringly strong and faithful. He has covered me with His strength and let me call it my own. So “Worst Day Ever” I’m reclaiming you (as I have done so many things) and I am giving you a new name—“Day of Victory”. You were a day that the unholy meant for death and disaster. Instead, I am going to remember this day as the day that we stepped on your unholy head… the two of us and THE HOLY stuck our heels between your eyes and. pushed. down. We declared Victory even when we couldn’t see Victory, because God had given us a knowing kind of Hope. A hope that has never failed and will never fail. A hope that leads bravely into tomorrow. God is good. He does Good. And He will work good out of this day.

What day has a hold on you? “Get up. Look at Jesus. And walk.” It’s that simple.

Step on the head of the unholy. Hold on to Hope. Declare Victory.

Freaking. Game. On. Victory!

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